Empress Pilates Resistance Bar System

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 Gyms are closed, and you're probably  missing your daily workout routine due to self isolating, right?  You've got all this time on your hands to get ready for summer.  Time is ticking by.  What are you going to do?

 The Empress Pilates Resistance Bar Kit is the perfect.  Body shaping tool for beginners & fitness pros.  Lightweight and totally portable, now you can tone, tighten and strengthen your arms, legs, hips anywhere!  Now you can work towards that perfect peach shaped booty in the privacy of your own home!  The Empress Pilates Resistance Bar Kit combines the functions of a barbell, resistance bands, and a rowing machine into one system.  Perfect for a total body workout!. What are you waiting for?  Order NOW!


  • The Perfect ALL IN ONE Body Shaping System
  • Barbell, Resistance Bands, Rowing Machine 
  • Tones, Tighten & Shape: Arms, Legs, Waist.  Get That Peach Shaped Booty!
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Great For Indoor or Outdoor Workouts
  • Perfect for Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced Fitness Levels


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