3PCs Beeswax Food Wrap

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Stop using plastic wrap and get on board with these beeswax food wraps!  Made from beeswax, these wraps are an environmentally friendly way to wrap food and keep it fresh in a natural and organic conscious way.  Reusable food grade wraps, great for wrapping sandwiches or snacks.  These wraps are organic, washable, reusable and compostable.  Ditch the plastic and help save the planet. These wraps are the bee’s knees!

1. Natural, environmentally friendly, non-plastic, recyclable, easy to clean
2. Contains no polyester, no nylon, no bleaching, biodegradable and compostable. It is a washable, reusable and biodegradable plastic packaging substitute.
3. Long service life, can be used for more than 2000 times in normal use range
4. Nontoxic: food packaging is made of organic cotton fabric certified by GOTS environmental testing

Ingredients: beeswax, 100% cotton, jojoba essential oil, resin, etc.
Product size: 8x8 inches (20x 20 cm), 11x11 inches (28x 28cm), 14x14 inches (36 x 36cm);

Quantiy: 3 pieces, three different sizes in one box

1 Directly contact and wrap the beeswax food packaging cloth with food.
2 Put the wrapped food in the refrigerator.
3 Take out the food wrapped in the beeswax food packaging cloth and wash it with water.
4 Put the beeswax food packaging cloth to dry and use it again