Bulldog Car Air Freshener 🕶️



Just because you love dogs doesn't mean your car has to smell like one.  The Bulldog Car Air Freshener is the perfect choice to spruce up your ride with a unique look and helps to make it smell great too!  Each air freshener comes with a non-scented sponge which allows you to pick whatever scent YOU WANT!  Choose your favorite perfume, cologne or essential oils to create a customized scent for your car.   The Bulldog Car Air Freshener is THE perfect stocking stuffer this year!  


  • Unique bulldog design easily attaches to your car's air vents
  • Non-scented sponge allows you to customize your experience
  • Use any perfume, cologne or essential oil
  • Perfect for any bulldog owner or car enthusiast
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Fits any car
  • Size: 4.8cm H x 5.4cm L
  • Available in: Black, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Red
  • USA Delivery in 2-3 weeks