Kinetic Gyro-Sphere

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This is no ordinary gadget.  The Kinetic Gyro-Sphere is a fully functional decompression tool that helps relieve stress and promotes meditation and self reflection through its hypnotic spinning.  Use it anywhere and the non-slip silicone base will keep it in place. This thing is built to last from high quality aviation aluminum, and is dynamically sculpted with a texture that is ultimately pleasing to the eye and soul.  The Kinetic Gyro-Sphere boasts huge rotation times with its R188 steel ball bearings, lasting up to 4 minutes on a single spin. Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors, we know you can find the right one to help you decompress after work, school, or whatever it is that has you tensed up.  You know you need this, give it a spin. Order now.



  • Promotes decompression and relaxation

  • Solid aluminum construction

  • Smooth rotation up to 4 minutes

  • Visually stunning sculpted  texture

  • Available in 3 sizes: 

    • 38 x34mm approx 70g

    • 45 x 39mm approx 115g

    • 54 x 47mm approx 210g

  • Available in 5 colors:

    • Gold

    • Silver

    • Black

    • Gray 

    • Copper