Vintage Style Knotted Macrame Plant Hanger

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Check out this macrame hanging plant holder !  Not only does it look great, it provides loads of other benefits.

  • Convenience & Safety - Keep children and pets safe from your beautiful plants that may be toxic to their health with this gorgeous handmade 41" long 8-10" pot diameter macrame. Now you can add those plants like Lilies, Poinsettia, or English ivy back in to your home knowing that they will be out of reach.
  • Freshen it up!- Adding plants can freshen up all living and entertaining rooms whether it be inside or outside. Fill your planter pot (not included) with succulents, vines, small cactus, lavender, orchids, ferns, aloe Vera or any hanging plant, your options are infinite.
  • Clean the air - Adding plants to your living space can help purify the air, add color and character bringing so much freshness as well as a positive mental environment in to your life. 
  • Handmade -  This macrame plant holder is made of soft tightly woven cotton rope - cord that is the HIGHEST of quality that wont unravel or feel course like the machine made plant hangers. Our prices reflect the higher fair wages that we pay our artisans, hand weavers and laborers. Dedicated to a humanitarian approach for working.
  • Elegant Beautiful Design - Living Clean with these custom hand crafted flower pot hangers with a rustic, boho, shabby chic home decor style in mind and even offers the perfect touch to modern decor