Sword Gel Pens

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?  Now you can find out for yourself.  Unsheathe your pen, and get ready to write!  These Sword Gel Pens look like real vintage weaponry and write beautifully gliding smoothly across your paper.  These pens are approximately 8 inches (203 mm) long and made from durable plastic that allows the Sword Gel pen to stand up to everyday use.  Each set is crafted to resemble vintage Chinese weaponry that will help keep your writing sharp and let you lay down strong words for hours.  These Sword Gel Pens are great for work, school, home, party favors, and make a great gift for sword enthusiasts!  These pens will write!  


  • Pen Length: 8 inches (203mm)
  • Writing Point: .38 mm
  • Ink Color:  Black
  • Qty: 2 pieces per pack