The Aether Book Mark

You're sitting down with your newest read, ready to settle in for a bit.  You open your book and there it is...the same old bookmark.  Maybe its a folded page, a piece of ribbon, or random slip of paper.  Its time for a change.

Treat yourself this year and mark your spot in your current read with The Aether Bookmark.  Simple, delicate beauty, this book mark is on all the staff's picks lists.  The Aether Bookmark's intricate details are exquisite, a truly classic piece perfect for any reader.  Kick your reading sessions up a notch and add this piece to your collection.



  • Beautifully detailed depiction of the universe
  • Exquisite and meticulously crafed details
  • Delicate in appearance, but durable enough for everyday use
  • Rich gold finish and included chain with pendant
  • Size: 95mm x 73mm