UFO Levitation Light with Bluetooth Speaker

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If you love UFOs, aliens, or anything outer space, then you have to get one of these lights!  Meet the future of lighting.  The Levitating UFO Light with Bluetooth Speaker is going to blow your mind.  Watch the UFO hover in place 18mm above its base for 24 hours straight.  The UFO shines its LED lights and is also a Bluetooth speaker which charges itself via wireless charging.  INCREDIBLE!  The Levitating UFO Light also rocks an incredible bluetooth speaker so you can listen your favorite music or podcast while you relax and contemplate the mysteries deep space.  The suspended UFO speaker provides incredible sound quality and stability with its top of the line bluetooth 4.0 technology.  This amazing lamp is powered by a built in LED shining chip that provides soft stable lighting and is perfect for relaxing.



  • INCREDIBLE levitating UFO action.  You won't find this anywhere!
  • Soft ambient LED lighting
  • Stable bluetooth 4.0 capabilities
  • UK Plug only
  • The speaker continuously charges itself!  Watch it levitate for 24 hours straight

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